Automate technology. Maximize efficiency.

Weber Upgrades

automate existing production lines

Optimizing the performance and increasing the quality of your existing production lines? Weber upgrades make it possible! With our automation solutions you raise your technology in terms of performance and hygiene to a new level. That is sustainable and economical – and allows you to stay up-to-date and grow with a manageable investment.

Why Automation?

  • Saving of personnel and personnel costs
  • Performance optimization and quality improvement
  • Greater food safety by minimizing human contact
  • More flexibility for the requirements of tomorrow


Your production can do more!

By retrofitting automation components, existing lines will be prepared perfectly for future demands. Whether it is an automatic feeder or a highly flexible pick robot: take advantage of the many options offered by Weber upgrades and take your sausage or cheese production to a new level!

The upgrade for flexible insertion tasks

Maximum flexibility with Weber wePICK

The Weber wePICK high-performance pick robots master all loading tasks for sliced portions or piece goods fully automatically. The incoming portions are optically measured by the pick robot, gripped in a targeted manner and placed in the packaging machine in any orientation and positioning. Of course, the wePICK pick robots can be combined with all types of packaging machines such as thermoformers, traysealers and tubular bag machines. Whether a compact version with an integrated buffer function or a mechanical and software fully integrated high-end loading solution - the choice is yours. The Weber wePICK portfolio has a scaled structure and offers the right solution as required.

Weber PickRobot
  • Realization of multi-type and multi-layer packs in the smallest of spaces
    (overlapping, 90 ° rotation, variable portion shapes)
  • Processing of all common portion shapes and sizes
  • Fully automatic position correction
  • Gripper with quick-change device
  • High flexibility, reduced labor costs, quick cleaning
  • Completely filling out the package for overlapped portions
  • No human interfering required
  • Maximum hygiene and food safety
  • Number of tracks and layers variable
Compact. Modular. Hygienic.

Maximum reliability with automatic infeeder

The Weber belt infeed solutions implement several process steps at the same time: They gently transport the sliced sausage or cheese portions, create and buffer the desired format sets and then insert them precisely and fully automatically into the packaging machine. These can be different types of packaging machines, such as thermoforming packaging machines, traysealers or tubular bag machines. Thanks to the high degree of automation, Weber automatic inserts reduce the need for manual intervention to a minimum and at the same time increase process reliability.

Automatic infeeder
  • Modular, scalable system
  • All in one: Creates format sets, buffers and loads them
  • Various configurations available - from basic to fully equipped
  • Compact, small footprint
  • Easy cleaning, optimal access to the packaging machine
  • Easy maintenance, easy service
  • Loading conveyor can be folded and swiveled sideways

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